COnservation Projects

This is our favourite part of the whole website. Well, maybe not this particular page, but the part where we get to go out and really sink our teeth into conservation. 

We can't wait to watch this page grow, but we already have two films that are slated for routine use in conservation education in vulnerable West African reserves. You can check them out on the Omo Forest Reserve and Boundou Community Reserve pages. 

Over the next year we are working on a documentary about the global insect trade.

This project will take us to the deepest jungles of French Guiana as we search for the largest beetles in the world - the Titan beetle.

So keep an eye out for Cash of the Titans


If any of this has piqued your interest, please contact us! We love collaborating on environmental awareness projects, and we hear we have a knack for it. 

                     "I think my message                                       to the politicians who have               within their power the ability to make change is, 'Do you really, really not care about the future of your great-grandchildren? Because if we let the world continue to be destroyed the way we are now, what's the world going to be like for your great-grandchildren?"
                                                                              Jane Goodall