Filming (and photography) for business (and events) 

When’s the last time you used a phonebook? Or even saw one? The coup was silent, and came with a touch screen, but the digital age is now upon us. With the rise of social media and over half the world dialed in, media services and internet presence are now vital for even the smallest businesses.


Videos are a succinct and powerful medium for showcasing your goods and services, and when applied to modern media, they have the potential to captivate the largest possible target audience. We’re not interested in mundane adverts; we want to tell your story and bring your business to life. We want to make your business unforgettable.

We will use the power of film to engage people into your brand in a way that turns you from just another logo or provider into a tangible partner they want and need in their lives. We do films right by taking the time to understand you, your business, the message you want to produce and who you want to receive it. We then work with you to create the most powerful story, whether comical, emotional, documentary or any blend in between, to ensure you get the most for your money. We work with you until you are satisfied with how your business has come alive.

Scope of Services

Developing a compelling video involves many steps. Lucky for you, Farsight Conservation has the expertise, patience and vision to produce your concept in a timely fashion. How fast and profound we are all depends on your budget and expectations.  


Like a house, a great video is all in the foundation. Pre-production is where we plan it all out, and set the right tone for your project. We nail down the concept, style, script, location or set design, as well actors and any other details that need nailing. At this point, we know how we want the video to look, sound and preform.



Now the real fun begins, as we take those details and make them come to life. We pull out our professional hats and our fancy equipment, everything from sound, photo and light, to do what we love best – film a fantastic video.


Post Production

No project is perfect from the first take. That’s why we spend a hefty amount of our time editing these bad boys in post-production. It’s also where we get to have fun with voice overs, well timed music, the always necessary colour corrections, and any other thing we have to do to create perfection.  


Final Revisions

At this point, we’ve shown you our work, and you get to search for it’s flaws. We want you to use this time to share all of your thoughts and feelings with us, regarding the video that is, so that you get exactly what you want from it. We will take your notes, get back to editing, and do what we can to create perfect (again).



Now we’ve reached the end, with the final cut complete and your personal seal of approval. Your business is now ready to be showcased online, on TV, or on any other platform you can dream up! Though slide projectors are not recommended…