get involved


Conservation efforts are often dependent on kind-hearted people donating their time and money. We know how hard it is to ask for money, let alone find any. We hope to encourage others to get involved in their local community, and the wider community of fundraisers.

Many of our projects rely on generous donations from the public to get them off the ground. We would like to thank everyone who has supported us so far, and we will always welcome your support in the future! 


Conservation ultimately is a communal effort. Contact us if you have a good idea, or even just a good pun. We love puns.

"Parrots have gone a bit quiet since pirates have gone."
                                                                   Karl Pilkington

Farsight Conservation is an up-and-coming project with huge scope for development. We love working with original, creative and out-of-the-box type people. If you are a writer, scientist, film-maker, photographer, artist, conservationist or a crazy person with an idea, you'll have no trouble finding something fulfilling to work on with us. 

We would like to reach out to all those who have something to say, who want to make their mark on the world, no matter how small. And who knows, maybe your small mark will lead to something huge.

Whether you would like to collaborate on a project, or volunteer (short- or long-term), we always want to hear from you. Just let us know what - and how - you think and we'll try to get the ball rolling.