The quest for infinite knowledge

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If curiosity killed the cat, is the conservation movement doomed to a similar fate? A fundamental human faculty is our desire to understand the world we live in. Although correlation is not necessarily causation, the more we understand about our planet, the more damage we do to it. Is ecology and conservation research doing more harm than good? And is the pursuit of knowledge sustainable? 


Herve Philippe is a researcher at the Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique (CNRS), Moulis, France, and kindly shares his thoughts on the topic.

The Quest for Infinite Knowledge - Part 1

The Quest for Infinite Knowledge - Part 2

The Quest for Infinite Knowledge - Part 3

This series was filmed and edited by Jono Gilbert, and produced by Jessica Mulvey

Part 1 


  1. How is current research detrimental to the environment?

  2. Is there even a necessity for further research into preventative conservation methods, at international and domestic levels?

  3. Does a better knowledge of the world help us preserve it?

  4. What changes do you think are required to make research more sustainable?









Part 2 


  1. Why is this such a controversial topic? And can research cause as much damage as large corporations?

  2. Should conservation research shift from ecology to psychology?

  3. Do you think it is likely that conservation and solution driven research will become prioritized in the near future?

  4. What can individuals do to reduce their own damage based on your own personal experience/research?












Part 3 


  1. Should there be a cap to our scientific knowledge? What is the point in furthering scientific knowledge? And how could it be determined where the cap should be?