Topics of conservation

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As the name suggests, this is where we address a wide range of environmental issues in the hopes of starting some meaty discussions. Everything from rhino poaching, to overfishing, to sustainable practices, Farsight combines current research with insight into possible solutions to conservation's biggest problems.

Omo-Shasha-Oluwa Forest Elephant Initiative

There are fewer than forty forest elephants left in one of Nigeria's largest, but dwindling natural habitats. These animals have a huge impact on the forest and the other species there, but logging, farming and hunting and slowly but surely wiping out the biodiversity. This documentary looks at the wonderful wildlife found in such places and states how it is up to the people who live there and beyond to live sustainably to preserve the flora and fauna.

Water you think of that?

Water conservation is an important issue. With clean water becoming an ever dwindling resource, and the world's population still on the rise, humanity has to have a serious think about how it can best protect its water supplies for the 10's of billions of people who will inhabit this shrinking planet.

Suck on That

Drinking straws are plastic, one-use and are eaten by marine animals including Sea Turtles. They are not necessary.

Orangu-ten, nine, eight...

Orangu-ten, nine, eight, seven, six, five... time is running out for this enigmatic yet endangered species. How far do you think their numbers have declined?

Why no Rhino?

This short film asks why rhino populations are falling so drastically and what can be done to save them from extinction at our own hands.


Facts and figures have been given by Save the Rhino. The footage of Hope was borrowed from Saving the Survivors. The footage of Thandi and her calf was borrowed from Adrian Steirn. Also, many thanks to Loskop Dam and the resident anti-poaching team.